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School Visits

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Every year more than 6000 schoolchildren visit Selly Manor, most of them to study the Tudors, but some to look at old houses, furniture and other aspects of history. Today these houses are packed with objects from the past which brings them to life, and helps to show what life was like hundreds of years ago.

With the help of our experienced and engaging  Education Team, and a whole host of hands-on activities, a visit to Selly Manor is a great way to explore and learn about the past in a fun and enjoyable way. Linked to the National Curriculum, our tours and activities are regularly reviewed in line with teacher feedback, and we have  received a prestigious Sandford Award for Education.

Outlined below are details of a typical Selly Manor visit, however we are happy to tailor-make visits to suit the topic that is being studied, or the age of the children. To discuss this further, please contact us on 0121 472 0199 or email

The Tale of Ginger the Cat – Early Years

Explore Selly Manor at a time when it was home to Phylis and her cat, Ginger. Unlock the doors to the past with a magical key as we journey through the manor with music and storytelling. Take part in a special treasure hunt to find where the mischievous cat has hidden all of Phylis’ things.

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: £2.50 per child

This sessions supports a number of areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage learning and development including communication and language, personal, social and emotional development and understanding the world.

The Great Fire of London – Key Stage 1

Join us for an interactive storytelling session looking at why the fire started and how it was put out. The children will act out key characters, the crooked houses of London and the raging flames of the great fire itself.
The guided tour of the manor will investigate the life and times of people living in 1666 including:

Social conditions Clothing
Daily life & work Timber buildings
Food & cooking Crime & punishment

We also use lots of great hands-on activities + resources: 

Replica objects Armour + helmets
Old games Herbs & spices
Replica  costumes Table laying

Duration: 10am – 2pm
Cost £5 per child 

This session supports a number of Key Stage 1 National Curriculum elements including a history topic beyond living memory.

The Tudors – Key Stage 2

Discover what life was like at Selly Manor 450 years ago. A typical Tudor visit to the manor includes a full guided tour with a member of our Education Team investigating Tudor life and times including:

Social conditions Clothing
Kings + Queens Rich + poor
Daily life & work Timber buildings
Food & cooking Crime, punishment + war

We have designed the visit to be hands-on and fun with these great activities:

Replica objects The Reverence
Tudor games session Herbs & spices
Tudor  costumes Table laying
Armour + helmets Sketching

Duration: 10am – 2pm
Cost: £5 per child 

This session supports a number of Key Stage 2 National Curriculum elements including a study of history  or a site from a period beyond 1066 and a study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends a pupil’s knowledge beyond 1066.

Dare to Explore – All Ages

We would be very happy to design a visit to support your needs, or those of your students. We regularly welcome groups who wish to use Selly Manor, the garden and collection for a whole variety of  uses. Here are just a few examples of themes we can cater for:

· Walking tours of George Cadbury’s historic garden village of Bournville

· Inspirational visits for an art or design project

· Enjoy a hands-on history visit for groups with special needs, focussing on the interactive resources in this historic setting

The duration and cost of these visits vary – please contact the Selly Manor Education Team for further information, or to discuss your own ideas.


Full day (10am – 2pm): £5 per child
Half day (10am – 12pm or 12pm – 2pm): £2.50 per child
Free for teachers and helpers
Please pay on the day by cash, cheque (payable to BVT) or credit or debit card. Invoices can be raised by prior arrangement. Booked groups that do not turn up will be invoiced for the full amount.

Our Education Team can deal with 2 classes in one visit, by rotating the various sessions. We can accommodate 3 classes but please be aware that this will limit the experience, particularly time spent on activities. This arrangement will only work with assistance from teachers and helpers.
Please bring at least 1 adult per 10 children. We rely on the willingness of class teachers and helpers to ensure your visit is safe and enjoyable. School staff are responsible for student behaviour and first aid provision throughout the visit.

Lunch Arrangements + Gift Shop
Lunch can be eaten in our medieval hall or the lovely Tudor garden. We are a charity and would appreciate it if teachers allowed children to use our gift shop. Gift bags can be prepared by prior arrangement.

Please see information above for specific times for each type of visit. If schools wish to stay at the museum after 2pm we are happy for you to carry out teacher-led activities, please mention this when booking.

Resource Pack & Pre-Visit
A resource pack and risk assessment will be sent out to all booked and confirmed groups. Teachers are welcome to come on a free pre-visit to discuss their needs.

Click here to view the Selly Manor School Resource Pack

Please book early to avoid disappointment.
To make enquiries or book please contact Gillian, Daniel,  Nicki or Mary;
Telephone:                  0121 472 0199
Postal address:           Selly Manor, c/o BVT, 350 Bournville Lane, Bournville, Brmingham, B30 1QY

Selly Manor is located on the corner of Maple and  Sycamore Roads, next to Bournville village green, 4 miles south of Birmingham city centre.
Location address: Selly Manor, Maple Road, Bournville, Birmingham, B30 2AE

Coach: Groups can be dropped off at Maple or Sycamore Roads in Bournville

Bus: The number 11 Outer Circle stops at Bournville village green, 2 minutes walk away

Train: Bournville train station is approximately 15 minutes walk from Selly Manor


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