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Minworth Greaves

The magnificent cruck-framed medieval hall house, Minworth Greaves, stands within the grounds of Selly Manor.

Considered to be as much as 750 years old, it was moved by Laurence Cadbury from Minworth, near Sutton Coldfield, and reconstructed in 1932.

A bent oak tree, split in half lengthways to form a pair of cruck blades, supports its main roof. This can best be seen from the front garden, looking back at the entrance door.

The original windows, or ‘wind eyes’, were smaller and higher up than now and, rather than glass, had cloth covers soaked in animal fat to keep out the rain.

In medieval times platforms, like the one above the entrance, would have been used as sleeping quarters.

Dated 1630 and inscribed ‘an arelome to this house forever. P.C.’, its spectacular 18ft eight-legged oak table was brought from Crook Hall, Lancashire, in 1921.

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